I Looove this shot.


Love. It.Dusk in Sonora, Ca

This image just does it for me. I enjoy the peaceful feel, the colors, the glow…I even like tracing with my eyes all those spindly plant stems bending every which way up into the sky. sigh… It’s so beautiful.

I shot this back in Sept 2010 one night as I was listening to the breeze and watching the sun set. After that, this image literally sat on my harddrive, untouched, for over 4 months until I realized the beauty of it a few weeks ago. And even then I didn’t tweak it until last week. For the first time I actually changed my laptop’s background image instead of using the Apple-provided ones. It looks sooo pretty on the laptop. Every time I turn it on and see the photo I just gaze at it and smile. Deep sigh…ahh….

by Melinda

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Constance Is gorgeous!!03/20/2011 – 10:20 pm

Melinda Glad you like it. I really like this one, too!03/20/2011 – 10:31 pm

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