Hydrangea - Day 1

I’ve been a busy gal these past few weeks getting ready for our move to CA and my wonderful husband, Jon, surprised me with a beautiful potted hydrangea plant yesterday as an “I love you/Thanks for all your hard work packing” gift. I was in the living room, busy packing as usual, when he came up to the front door with groceries, saying through the open front window, “Can you get the door? My hands are full.”

So I go the get the door and Ta-da!! He’s got a bag of groceries in one hand and a beautiful, pink, potted hydrangea in the other hand, extended toward me.

“See?” he says, “It’s potted so we can take it along with us!” What a thoughtful cutie. Potted plants are the way to go. Total brownie points for him.

I love hydrangeas! But I love Jon even more for knowing that I love hydrangeas. What a sweetie. He said he wasn’t even sure if they were hydrangeas but then he saw the sticker on the pot that said “Hydrangea” and the rest is history.

I’ve been so busy packing/organizing/throwing-stuff-out that I haven’t had time to update the blog. I’m always thinking about it and have a number of posts in the works…I’ve just been so busy with our impending move to CA that, sadly, I just can’t keep up the blog the way I want to! Nevertheless, as soon as we’re settled and the dust clears, I’ll get back to my regular blogging. Oh, I have sooo many photos that I want to share and no time right now to blog them!

Ah well. I’ll just add it to my ever-growing list of things to do. I’ll be back in a few weeks! (…hopefully sooner though!)

Hydrangea - Day 2

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