Blueberries – Philbrook Farms, Vancouver, WA


My favorite u-pick farm, Philbrook Farms, had a short blueberry season this year and is now closed until next season…and I’m SO BUMMED!! We picked about 14 lbs not too long ago and we were going to go again this week but alas! no more u-pick! sniffles…

Store-bought blueberries do not compare to the luscious, juicy, sweet blueberries from Philbrook. The store-bought ones are way too tart and lack the full-flavored taste of the berries from Philbrook, probably because they’re picked too early. I guess you can’t pick ripe berries and then ship them to a grocery store for fear they’d be mushy by the time they got there.

For great berries, go to Philbrook Farms in Vancouver, WA:  13705 NE 50th Ave, 98686.

Not only do they have blueberries but they also have strawberries and raspberries. I highly recommend them! At the time of this post, the berries were only 1.20/lb for u-pick. What a great price! And they guy who owns the farm, Kevin Philbrook, is so laid-back and nice. Every time Jon and I see Kevin at the farm, he’s always easy-going and such a great, kind person. We love getting to see him and picking berries at Philbrook Farms. Go there next season! You can get seasonal updates from their website here.

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