The Anderson Family 6/30/2011

Wow. What a bunch of beautiful people. Left to right: Cherish, Jill, Drayden, Grandma Susie, Clint, Dycen and Chancey.Anderson Family with GrandmaAnderson Family (silly face)

Five families in one day. Outdoors. In the summer…in Texas.

Lemme tell ya…that’s a family portrait marathon–with the sweltering Texas summer heat as our lovely backdrop. The crew and I were outdoors for about 6 hours. Or was it 8? Can’t remember. Heat fried my brain. Special thanks to my assistant, Zuri, and also to Ignacio & Martin, who shlepped all the heavy furniture & provided general assistance. Such a helpful crew!

Jon & his best friend…

Jon and fish carcassWhat a fine lookin’ specimen. The fish, of course. Had to post this pic of Jon and his friend from our day off on our recent Costa Rica mission trip. Still need to post several photos for the previous Costa Rica posting, but had to share this. The photo on the left is now one of my top favorites of Jon. Great expression. I need to use the 50mm more often. It’s a good lens (it’s not the 1.4 but it still does a nice job.)

Costa Rica, May 11-June 1, 2011

I’ve been away for quite a while. The month of May…gone like that. Costa Rica was a great experience but it’s good to be home. Be on the lookout for more images…Costa Rica (butterfly, coconuts and hen house)


In March, we drove through Kansas on our way back from Colorado. Not much there, but still beautiful and painterly in its own way, especially with all the snow. Peaceful. There’s something to be said for wide, open spaces.Kansas landscape

Justin & the girls

Remember this photo here? Well, there’s more where that came from. And I’m finally posting them (sheepish look…)Justin & the girlsJustin and his two daughters, Alijah & Amariah, came by for a good time at this sweet loft in Sonora, CA. By the way, Justin looks too young to have such grown-up daughters, eh? A vegan diet will do that for ya;)Justin, Alijah - laugh

Justin, Alijah, B/W, hugJustin, AmariahJustin, AmariahJustin & the girlsJustin & Girls, diptych

Ah, Daddy’s little girls.

Ideally, I’d insert a flash gallery here with a sequence of pics I simply call “The Granola Bar Sequence.” However, due to the constraints of WordPress and the ProPhoto Blog, I’ll have to put it in a separate post below. Otherwise, the flash gallery will show all the granola bar pics plus the ones you just saw. And I’m not cool with posting something twice…