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Most Creative Christmas Gift 2009

The award for most unique, beautiful, creative—and completely unexpected—Christmas gift for 2009 goes to my wonderful friend, who also happens to be an amazing artist, Rachelle Tiner. I was expecting a card from her and I definitely got a card…and a bunch of other amazing stuff: personalized hand towels, handcrafted pine soap holders and aromatic […]

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The Pacific Northwest

There’s a good chance that it’s raining in the Pacific Northwest right now. I lived there for over two years and experienced the wonders of everlasting rain and gray skies. However, when it wasn’t raining I could definitely see the beauty in that corner of the nation. My good friend, Vicki, and I would go […]

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Chef Chris Goossen

I was just beside myself with the beautiful food styling of Chef Chris Goossen this past December. When shooting food, a great food stylist makes all the difference and I must say that Chef Goossen has incredible skills when it comes to food. Not only can he whip up a fantastic tasting gourmet meal, he […]

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