Monthly Archives: October 2010

Lights at Night

Like many creatives, sometimes I get burnt out on photographing the same thing. It’s good to just play and recharge. The following is just that. Playing. This is a continuing series that started one night on the island of Oahu in 2008. The images watermarked with “Holland” were taken by either me or Jon. Can’t […]

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Chas & Rachel 9/25/2010 – Destin, FL

Was out of town for two and a half weeks visiting a myriad of people and places, setting foot in 5 different states and experiencing places I’d never been before like Nashville, Atlanta and cute ‘lil Chattanooga, TN. As I said in an earlier post, September was a busy month. Part of that busyness involved […]

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The Petersons – Full Set

It’s high time I posted more of the Peterson’s photos. I had originally posted 2 photos back in June. And then, as usual, I blinked and three and a half months flew by. September was a busy month for me and October has it’s own stuff…time just keeps slipping away. Anyway. Onto the greatness that […]

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