Anderson – Age 3

Anderson turned 3 last month and to celebrate that milestone his parents & I braved the Texas summer heat for some portraits at sunset. He was full of energy and was a great little model.
Far be it from me to take away a boy’s favorite birthday gift. That lil’ fighter jet was in his hand nearly the entire time. I thought it was perfect, though. Anderson’s definitely all boy!Just a little boy, flying his fighter jet in a big field…
Anderson & his daddy:

Harrison at 1 year

The last time I photographed this tyke he was just 2 months! Now look at him!Harrison at One YearHarrison’s parents, Donald & Irene are the most easy-going people to work with. They certainly are blessed with an easy-going kiddo! Not only was it cold & rainy outside, Harrison was running a bit of a fever complete with a runny nose. Poor baby! Between shots, mama had him wrapped in a blanky. But look at him, so good-natured and full of expression.

We began the session with prayer and the Lord worked everything out. Thank you, Lord.:)

on hiatus…

I know. I’ve been away and inactive on this blog for many, many months. We moved, then we went out of the country, then I was working full-time for nearly 7 months and just didn’t have the time to tend to my dear blog. Trying now to get back in the swing of things! Here goes!


Sofia, headshot & portraitSofia…

When I met Sofia last May in Costa Rica I was immediately enchanted with her and was so impressed with her spunk, intelligence and attitude. I mean, look at her little stance all confident in her purple dress. A very assertive little thing. Definitely endearing in both appearance and personality.

Even at her young age I could see her keen strength and intelligence. I can’t wait to see what she’s like when she’s older.

And those eyes!!Sofia, close-up of eyes

The Anderson Family 6/30/2011

Wow. What a bunch of beautiful people. Left to right: Cherish, Jill, Drayden, Grandma Susie, Clint, Dycen and Chancey.Anderson Family with GrandmaAnderson Family (silly face)

Five families in one day. Outdoors. In the summer…in Texas.

Lemme tell ya…that’s a family portrait marathon–with the sweltering Texas summer heat as our lovely backdrop. The crew and I were outdoors for about 6 hours. Or was it 8? Can’t remember. Heat fried my brain. Special thanks to my assistant, Zuri, and also to Ignacio & Martin, who shlepped all the heavy furniture & provided general assistance. Such a helpful crew!