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I Looove this shot. Like, Love. It. This image just does it for me. I enjoy the peaceful feel, the colors, the glow…I even like tracing with my eyes all those spindly plant stems bending every which way up into the sky. sigh… It’s so beautiful. I shot this back in Sept 2010 one night […]

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Archive Diving #2 – Meghan’s Desk

Was digging around my archives tonight and came across these photos I’d forgotten about. This is circa 2006. Shot with a Mamiya RZ67 on 120 film which was then scanned.I haven’t shot work like this in a long time. I miss it. Now that I’m back in DFW, I gotta contact my artsy friends and […]

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The Saddest Line

I’ve been busy with our move and haven’t blogged in a while. It’s 2am here on the west coast and I’m feeling especially introspective and melancholy. The sun has set over our time in Sonora, CA, our home for the last year and a half. And here we are. Tomorrow we set out on the […]

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