The Petersons – Full Set

It’s high time I posted more of the Peterson’s photos. I had originally posted 2 photos back in June. And then, as usual, I blinked and three and a half months flew by. September was a busy month for me and October has it’s own stuff…time just keeps slipping away. Anyway. Onto the greatness that is the Peterson Family:

Nic & Brad with Red JelloThis is Nic with his son Brad–who has the most priceless expression on his face. Absolutely captivating. I can’t stop looking at his face. So great. So, so great. One of my favorite portraits of the year. I love that red jello with its red spoon against the blue shirt. And that bandage on Brad’s right knee! Whoo! Perfection! The bandage is so boy and the red jello is childhood all the way. Greatness. Absolute greatness. Some people are so easy to photograph. All the Petersons have to do is be themselves and they look AMAZING! They dress themselves, prop themselves…I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better “prop” in Brad’s right hand. Love it! Alrighty. Enough rambling. On to the next photo!

Brad, standing portraitHere’s Brad looking like quite the handsome young chap. He totally did everything. I didn’t tell him to angle his shoulders like that or give that smiling yet serious look. I just told him where to stand and–Bingo!–he posed like a total model. Put this kid in a J. Crew Crewcuts ad!Nic & CherylNic & Cheryl looking ever so flirtatious. Cheryl’s expression in the photo on the right is so joyous and effervescent. My eye keeps going back to her face and those beautiful, long, dark and wavy locks of hers. Those Petersons. They are so cute together.Cheryl & Kylie (close-up)And here’s little Kylie, the Peterson’s newest addition. So precious. She has the longest lashes framing those blue eyes.Cheryl & Kylie, color

I posted this photo in B/W here. I actually prefer the B/W but here’s a color version for those who prefer color.Nic and baby Kylie, triptychNow, onto natural light, which has a beautiful quality all it’s own:

CherylCheryl & Kylie, 4upBeautiful.cheryl_kylie_2upLove these two shots. Look at their beautiful eyes!Cheryl & Kylie, BW

I really enjoy the two photos below. The geometry is beautiful and fresh.

Cheryl and Brad, green dressThank you, Peterson Family, for the privilege of spending time with you! It was lots of fun!