Banana Apricot Muffin with Walnuts

Couldn’t choose between the dark version of the photo vs. the lighter version…so I posted both.

Had some old banana’s I needed to get rid of so I looked up this Banana Apricot Muffin recipe from Whole Foods (one of my favorite stores) and whipped up some hearty muffins. The recipe calls for almond flour and 2 bananas, but I threw in ultragrain flour since I didn’t have any almond flour, 3 bananas and chopped walnuts. I should’ve put a splash of almond milk in to make them a bit lighter and fluffy, but they were still good. Had I made them exactly as the recipe called, I’m sure they would’ve looked more like the photo they provide next to the recipe.

Anywho. The dried apricot pieces and bits of moist banana were awesome. It was good overall. Probably even better if I’d used almond flour. Quite a healthy recipe with no sugar (honey instead), no oil/butter, and no milk. These muffins would be gluten-free if made with almond flour. The recipe does call for 2 eggs so an egg substitute would be needed if you want to go the vegan route.

Me & Banana Apricot Walnut MuffinLeft: A closer look at the chewy apricot goodness embedded in the muffin. Right: Getting my first taste. Not too shabby.

by Melinda

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Shandra - I’ll take the recipe please and thank you.
ps. make almond flour in your vitamix!!03/31/2010 – 3:34 pm

Melinda - Shandra: Wish I could! Will you buy me the dry container?(Also, did you find the recipe on Whole Foods’ site? The bold words in this post are hyperlinks.03/31/2010 – 8:10 pm

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